The Greenbrier Clinic — "Pioneers of Executive Health." 

Our whole philosophy is that regularly scheduled preventative examinations are the best way to reduce an individuals risk of developing a more serious disease later on in life. 

"The old adage of "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" continues to hold true.  It is a luxury for the doctor, as well as the patient, for the doctor to be able to sit down with their patient and say "Tell me what’s on your mind" and actually have time to listen to them. Personal attention that’s unparalleled…

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Adding the Human in Your Human Resources Wellness Plan.

The nations very best clinicians providing one on one, personalized care. It’s an exceptional experience that all of our executives truly value. We invite you to explore our industry leading health & wellness services. We guarantee not only to ensure the very best health for your executives, but deliver an experience that is less like an  examination and more like a relaxing vacation.

It’s one thing to be treated like a patient, and another to be treated like a personal guest.




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